Tuesday, 17 July 2007

15 Places To Watch TV Online For Free

Within the IT support sector a lot of time is spent watching a progress bar, this can be either backing up/restoring data, running defrags, scandisks, disk doctors, virus scans, malware scans you get the idea.

Well thanks to all the websites listed below for easing that boredom.

Here Goes.

1. Freetube.

Welcome to FreeTube - a site that lets you watch TV online for free without the need for any special software, hardware or subscription service. We are a completely free alternative to cable television that lets you watch tv channels and tv shows online using just your browser. Simply select a genre from the menu, and a channel to begin watching.


2. PeekVid

Watch videos online


3. TV-Video

TV-video.net is an online cost-free video service site for all fans around the world who are interested in TV shows.


4. Choose & Watch

Do you like videos? ChooseAndWatch is a free multimedia portal where you can watch hundreds of online TV channels, check out the newest videos on the internet... No special software, hardware or subscription service is needed. To watch a TV channel simply click on desired genre in a menu and select a desired channel.


5. Channel King

Welcome to Channel King! We offer over 230 free Internet TV channels.


6. Your TV Links

Links to your fav shows


7. All U C

Links to you fav shows


8. Channel Chooser

Channelchooser is a free TV-portal. Watch here only the best online news, entertainment, sports and music TV-channels and videos.


9. Smashing Telly

Smashing Telly is a hand edited collection of the best free, instantly available TV on the web. Not 30 second clips of a dog on a skateboard.


10. View My TV

Channels from all around the world


11. My Easy TV

MyEasyTV.com is the easiest way to watch TV online for free. There are more than 320 television channels you can watch with a simple click of your mouse.


12. Channel Surfing.net

Online sports, news & entertainment


13. Wojiu

Watch TV from around the world


14. Quicksilverscreen

TV Shows


15. VEOH

From home videos to premium shows


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Great online TV guide www.lordoftv.com

www.tv-links.co.uk for TV, movies, Cartoons, Anime, Documentaries.

Thank you Andrew

Yeah! viewmy.tv rocks! Loving all the random music channels..awesome!

ha ha....http://www.boxsweeper.com is one of the leaders In the filmdom!
There are thousands of movies tv anime at it! It updayed daily several times!


Other interested site of online tv http://www.tutelevisiononline.com

Well there's more channels that have been added to viewmy.tv free internet tv

There's also a ton more features that are being worked on.

Did you know there's a viewmy.tv facebook app!! It's awesome to watch live TV anywhere!

Nice one Pwoodford I was not aware of the Facebook app its pretty sweet

Another free website where to watch TV is TVonline. No download, install or invites needed.

http://www.tvonline.2ya.com ****

Lot of webradio & webTV by categories like :

Music : MCM, MTV, TMF, Sunvibz ...
News : CNN, ABC, NBC, BBC, Skynews ...
Comic/Funny : LOL tv, Youtube TV, Comedy channel ...
Sport : Eurosport 1 & 2, ESPN, Star games, NBA TV ...
Sciences / education : NASA TV, Research channel,
Documentaries / travel : Discovery channel, Animal planet, National geo, Globetrekker ...
Movie / cartoon : Cartoon network, Science fi channel, FOX, Western, Action, Mangas ...
Foreigner : TF1, BFM, Al jazeera, CCTV ...
Leisure / Various : Nickelodeon, Smile of a child, Game TV, Netgamming TV, Astro TV, Pocker TV ...


i am using http://www.tvtoolbar.org to watch online TV for free