Saturday, 24 November 2007

Link Exchange With A Google Pagerank 4

This blog has recently been given a Google pagerank 4 rating

We are looking to exchange links with a minimum pagerank 3 site or blog this can benefit both parties

If you have such a site or blog and are willing to exchange please post a reply
with your anchor text and link
Please put our link as "Free Windows Tips & Guides"

We will then check your site and when it appears we will ad yours
Only non adult or warez sites will be considered


Hi, I have a PR3 blog,

I have already added your site to my sidebar. please use "Free Blog Things & Blog Stuff" as anchor text if you decide to link back.

Link added


added your link.

Please add mine too.
Title: Tech Check

Link Added


Hi, nice blog I must say.
Are you interested in link exchange with me ? If yes then-

You put these links on your blog and email me then i will put your blog's link on my these blogs:

Links to be put by you on your blog:
1. Tech Wizard -
2. Techno Blog -

Links of blogs on which i will put your link:
1. Tech-Atom -
2. Tips n Tricks Collection -

Waiting to hear from you soon :)

Cool Wizard,

Thanks for your comments.

I was really only after link exchanges with a PR3 and greater site.

I would be interested in exchanging a link with your site